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Mobile Phone Trends in Bangladesh 2024 | A Comprehensive Overview

Mobile phones have witnessed a remarkable evolution since their inception in Bangladesh. From the bulky “brick phones” of the late ’90s to the sleek and feature-packed smartphones of today, the journey has been transformative. In this article, we’ll delve into the mobile phone landscape of Bangladesh in 2024, comparing various aspects with a focus on the offerings from Mobile Dokan.

Evolution of Mobile Phones in Bangladesh

Brick Phones and Feature Phones ,

In the nascent stages, brick phones dominated the market, boasting limited functionalities but a hefty price tag. Subsequently, feature phones emerged, offering an array of features such as text messaging, MMS, FM radio, and basic games. Brands like Nokia and Samsung held sway in this segment, with Nokia maintaining its reputation for reliability and durability.

The Advent of Smartphones

The mid-’20s witnessed the advent of smartphones, marking a paradigm shift in mobile technology. Nokia’s N series and BlackBerry were prominent players in this era, though the absence of touchscreens and apps limited their capabilities. However, the introduction of Android smartphones, spearheaded by brands like Symphony and Samsung, revolutionized the market landscape.

Rise of Android in Bangladesh

The launch of the first commercial Android phone in 2008 heralded a new era in mobile technology. Android’s open-source platform and expansive app ecosystem quickly gained traction in Bangladesh, especially following the introduction of 3G networks. Symphony and Samsung emerged as frontrunners in the Android segment, capitalizing on the platform’s versatility and affordability.

Mobile Dokan ‘s Impact

Amidst this dynamic landscape, Mobile Dokan has carved a niche for itself as a reliable source for mobile gadgets in Bangladesh. With an extensive range of brands and price options, Mobile Dokan caters to diverse consumer preferences. Its blog section keeps users informed about the latest industry news, while the “where to buy” page offers valuable insights into purchasing options.

Market Share Insights

According to StatCounter data as of March 2023, Android commands a staggering 95.72% market share in Bangladesh, underscoring its dominance in the region. In contrast, Apple’s iOS holds a modest 3.81% market share, reflecting the enduring popularity of Android devices.


In conclusion, the mobile phone landscape in Bangladesh continues to evolve, driven by innovation and technological advancements. Mobile Dokan remains a trusted destination for consumers, offering a diverse array of mobile gadgets and keeping pace with the latest industry trends. For latest update and news visit Mobile Dokan.


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